The Babine is not just another river and not just another watershed. It is a one of a kind, even in a place famous for being uniquely different. In our opinion, it represents the finest section of uninterrupted wilderness trophy steelhead angling anywhere in the world – not just northern BC.

The Babine River is considered one of the last unspoiled and pristine rivers in British Columbia. Through most of its course it is enclosed by the Babine River Corridor Provincial Park. It is famous in fishing circles as the home of some of the largest Steelhead and rainbow trout in the world.

The Babine River corridor has a high density of grizzly bears, wolves, bald eagles and other wildlife. The Babine River is British Columbia's sixth largest salmon river, and has a long-standing reputation of excellence for its wilderness quality fishing experience. The location is remote, and is uncrowded, due to the difficulty of access except to experienced guides. Access is by jet boat only, with no roads to the river, except at the extreme upper and lower ends. The fishing experience is wilderness quality, featuring wild steelhead. Fish are record size, with the Babine River having a reputation of producing the largest number of consistently large fish.
Babine Norlakes normally records at least one 20-pound or larger steelhead per day during the season.

Babine Norlakes has access to approximately 24+ kms / 15+ miles of fishable water, with a total of approximately 75 named runs. The waters available to Babine Norlakes include an abundance of slow, wide pools, ideal for fly fishing.

The Skeena watershed and its tributaries including the Babine are home to the world’s greatest remaining wild stock of world record size steelhead. These are summer run fish that begin their migration from the ocean into the lower reaches of the Skeena River in late spring and early summer progressing upstream during the summer then reaching the upper Babine in the very late summer, early fall. Summer run steelhead are aggressive to the surface fly and this aggression lasts well into the fall.

Our steelhead camp is located on the upper Babine where the Babine summer run steelhead end their migration and winter over before spawning in the spring...this means the run continually arrives and piles up in all the runs and pools where we are located, a very optimal fishing situation in all our package weeks.