Our Fishing

The Skeena watershed and its tributaries are home to the world’s greatest remaining wild stock of world record size steelhead, the Babine is the crown jewel. These are summer run fish that begin their migration from the ocean into the lower reaches of the Skeena River in late spring and early summer progressing upstream during the summer then reaching the upper Babine in the very late summer, early fall. Babine steelhead are very aggressive to the surface fly and this aggression lasts well into the fall. Our steelhead camp is located on the upper Babine where the Babine summer run steelhead end their migration and winter over before spawning in the spring...this means the run continually arrives and piles up in all the runs and pools where we are located, a very optimal fishing situation in all our package weeks.

Our System:
Your day begins with a knock on your door around 7:00am. Breakfast is served between 7:00 and 7:30am. It includes healthy foods cooked to order.

After breakfast waders are pulled on, jet boats are warmed up and you are usually fishing by 8:00 am. Since we have awesome pools right out the front door there is no reason to hit the river at dawn. As we have over 15 miles with more than 75 runs there is very little fishing pressure on our waters.

If water temperature is between 45 and 55 degrees we like to start with dry flies; unlike most Steelhead rivers the Babine will produce on dries all day long. Wet flies produce in all temperature ranges.

Dry fly water is sacred to us and if you want to take your Steelhead on surface, that is our speciality. That being said some pools fish better wet with sinking lines. We also like to fish most pools with a dry fly first, and then go through a second time with a wet.

We fish the river by moving from run to run. Each fisherman normally has their own run to fish. Some runs have room for two anglers and some of the best runs are fished twice in a day. Since steelhead continually move upstream, fresh fish arrive continually and stack up in our section of the river.

We fish three to four rods per boat and guide. Anglers rotate between guides and “beats” daily.

Early morning runs to lower river are planned so you will work your way down river hitting each productive pool on that particular section of the Babine.

No matter what “beat” you are on, you will take a lunch with you on the river. Lunch normally includes homemade soups that are delicious. Fresh home made sandwiches are also provided, along with a thermos of the beverage of your choice. Since the lunches were prepared by our staff earlier in the day, no fishing time is lost coming back to camp to eat, or waiting while the guide prepares lunch.

We know and appreciate how precious your fishing time on the Babine is; our angling program is finely tuned to take care of you so that you have every possible chance each minute of every day.

Your fishing day usually ends around 5:30pm. After some time to relax and a cocktail, dinner is served. Guests with special dietary requests should inform us ahead of time so that arrangements can be made with the cook. There is a wood fired hot tub available for after dinner use and we always have our traditional nightly camp fire.

Our Season:

11 Anglers per week
Sept. 7 - 13
Sept. 14 - 20
Sept. 21 - 27
Sept. 28 - Oct. 4
Oct. 5 - 11
Oct. 12 - 18
Oct. 19 - 25
Oct. 26 - Nov. 1
Nov. 2 - 9